Welcome to the Niche Finder network

This is an invitation to freedom-loving people to help each other "find their niche".

One of the key aspirations is to help people to find and / or build a home.

More generally, people are invited to use this forum to figure out ways of helping and supporting each other, period.

We provide basic tools which allow people to help and support each other - to share and provide goods, services, spaces and transport. This is all done in a non-commercial spirit.

For more info, read here. To understand our motivation, read here.

Key ideas

  • liberty, autonomy, voluntaryism - a general skepticism of all coercive authorities - including the state and certain religious institutions
  • health freedom - against medical tyranny and eugenics, skepticism of 'public health' ideology
  • no to landlordism - whatever our views on other forms of private property, land is unique
  • informal charity / gift economy - we invite people to support each other directly and provide simple tools to facilitate this


One account - multiple sites

Registering here will grant you access to all of the sites on the NicheFinder network. You will use the same account to log in to each site.

Before registering ...

If you have not already done so, please read what this project is about by clicking here. It is assumed that - in asking to join - you share our values, so make sure that you have read and understand them.

Account approval

All new accounts are subject to an approval process. This is usually complete within 24 to 48 hours - but may take longer in some cases. You may be sent a follow-up e-mail if more information is required.